Aug 15, 2010

How to install vlc player on Ubuntu both Online and Offline

Most of them might want to use high codecs to play all kinds of formats such as Mp3, MPEG, MPEG2,  MPEG4, DivX, QuickTime, WMV, MOV, FLV , VCDs and DVDs. So for this we have installations for both online and offline. 

If you have internet connection follow this process:

By Using Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager
1. Open (Administration>>Synaptic Package Manager) or Ubuntu Software Center(Applications) and Search for vlc player.

2.Check the the box to install and apply(Required in SPM).

3.Downloading and installation will complete within few minutes.

4.Now you'll be successfully installed vlc player.

By Using Ubuntu Terminal:
1.Open Terminal >> CTRL+ALT+T or open it from Applications>>Accessories>>Terminal.

2.Type the command
sudo apt-get install vlc "     

3.It may ask you to enter the user password, if so then enter your password then downloading will begin and installation will also finish within moments.

4.Now,I assume you have successfully installed vlc player on Ubuntu 10.04. 

If you are an offline user then follow this process, I prefer to go offline because we can have a stored file in your downloadings.
1.Download vlc file from the link given below. 

2.Extract the files from the archive.

3.Double click the " " file.

4.Then a new window opens up, Click Run in Terminal " .

5. Enter your password if it asks and the rest installation process goes in it.

Thats it now your installed with the vlc player. 

You can find the vlc shortcut in the Applications.


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