Aug 23, 2010

How to take a snapshot from a video using VLC player

Most of them are interested to capture a picture from a video like of a screenshots from movie or from a personal video and have it as a picture, Its pretty simple using a VLC player.
If your do not have it DOWNLOAD FROM HERE.

Follow the below steps to capture a picture from a video:
1. Open VLC player( i.e play a video) >> You can find an option as view, In that we have an option called as Advanced Controls. See the below picture for an idea. Check mark it.

2. Now you'll get some snapshot options as below picture. 

3. If you click on it your preferred picture will be stored at the described place.

This is an extra tip:
If the video is faster and want to capture a fine picture then you can slow down the video follow the below procedure for that.
Playback>> Slower
How many times you click the Slower option the video gets Slower.

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