Aug 8, 2010

Intel's i7 CPU chilling up @-40 degrees Celsius

Intel's tests are increasing day-to-day and even the technology from them. Here in the pictures you can see huge machine like, with some pipe and CPU. The right most part in the pic(1) is a cooler, to cool the processor it had cooled up to -40 degree's Celsius as you can find the reading in the digital meter. They are working to make a record to beat the benchmark, it had already I think. 

Intel’s Alistair Kemp say that:

“Well here at Intel we could not resist the challenge, particularly when in our IT department we have overclocking nut Steve ‘DaFridgie’ Anderson. We gave him the challenge of beating 60 secs but restricted him to only a single-socket setup. Last night he ran it on his rig. Result: 50 seconds to complete.”

Its 50 seconds, really freezing me up. The developers said that they are trying to cool it up to -180 degrees Celsius using a liquid nitrogen cooling and beat the record they made of 50 seconds, making it run more faster with the chilling CPU. 

The specs of the monster PC is as follows:

  •  Chassis – Dimastech test rig
  •  Processor – Intel Core I7 980x retail CPU
  •  Memory – Corsair Dominator GT memory ( 2250 CAS 8 ) running at 2046 at CAS 7
  •  Motherboard – EVGA Classified X4 E762 motherbaord
  •  Power supply – 2 x Corsair 950w Single Rail Power supply (1 for system, the other for graphics card) automatically switched
  •  Graphics card – 1 x EVGA GTX480
  •  CPU cooling – Asetek Lightspeed refrigerated cooling system with a running temperature range of -40 to -32oC at 18oC ambient temperature
  •  Storage – Seagate 160GB Sata drive (16mb cache)  
  •  Construction – Custom built for performance, not for looks!

Hope they will cross their benchmarks and make this record. Marked the target upto this August ending. Let us know how are you reacting by this experiment in the comments.

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