Aug 16, 2010

Make your Windows7/Vista desktop look like Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Many of them may have seen the screen shots of the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Its very lite and looks with some digital graphical wallpaper in it. If you got bored of seeing the old Windows7 or Vista's theme then change its look into Mac with the Snow Transformation pack. This transformation pack changes everything from wallpapers to icons and even the welcome screen logo and Sounds. Its a very cool one to use. I have given some screen shots below as you can see it was very nice, tested my self on my system. It doesn't effect the speed of your system, Just take few minutes to change the look. Install and restart your system your done with your new look of Mac OS X Snow Leopard in your Windows 7 or Vista desktop. This transformation pack even has an advantage, it repairs the system files on users command. Best one I liked is the Aero effect, high quality transparent effect. See the screen shots below. 

Caution: Make sure you run the software as "Run as Administrator".

System restarts after you click install, then again after the restart again run the Snow Transformation pack as "Run as Administrator"


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