Aug 18, 2010

Next version of Ubuntu is the Narwhal Ubuntu 11.04

From a past few weeks we have be giving you howto tips on Linux {As Ubuntu is also one of the flavor of Linux.}. So now here comes a new operating system for the Linux geeks, Ubuntu 11.04- Mark Shuttleworth, the father of Ubuntu has announced today. They have given a lot of new description on this new Ubuntu 11.04. This would be a great place to handle many things which have missed in the previous version i.e 10.04.  Shuttleworth said the nature of Ubuntu's regular releases meant that something was needed to refer to the release which comes after the in-development "Maverick Meerkat", 10.10, that was "nicer than 'Maverick+1'". This is the 14 version released by Mark, It had been named after a animal named Narwhal which means "That's one pretty tusk you got there."

Few lines said by Mark Shuttleworthin his personal blog:

"And so, we come swiftly to a conclusion: allow me to introduce the Natty Narwhal, our mascot for development work that we expect to deliver as Ubuntu 11.04."  - said Mark Shuttleworth
 "Dreams of someone’s first PC, dreams of someone’s first million instances in the cloud: whatever your vision of the future, we hope the Natty Narwhal will have something to offer." - said Mark Shuttleworth.

Mark has a very great future plannings in his life of Ubuntu's future releases, If you visit this UbuntuWiki you will understand why did I say that.He gives the perfect detailed overview of the future launch of Ubuntu's.

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