Aug 3, 2010

Research In Motion to Unveil New Smartphone Today

Research In Motion  is expected to reveal its new smartphone device today as it battles to maintain its lead in a market where the Apple iPhone and Google Android operating system have already stabilized them-selfs.

The new smartphone may have a touch-screen and a pullout keyboard, CNN reported. CNN speculated that the device could be the AT&T BlackBerry Slider 9800.

Research in Motion is easily the leader in smartphone sales, with a healthy 41.7% market share of smartphone subscriptions. Still, Apple and Google have pulled ahead in terms of creating devices that are easy to use and let users browse the Web. Meanwhile, growth in the use of BlackBerrys has stalled, and The United Arab Emirates is threatening to ban the use of the device.

  Research in Motion will probably also unveil a new smartphone operating system today, the BlackBerry OS6.The new system will allow users of the company's devices to browse the Web, and will likely have a home screen, like that of the iPhone or Android system.
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