Aug 17, 2010

Run an application as "Run as Administrator"

Most of them might have faced many problems while installing an application or while running a program. This is due to the fact that your user account doesn't have all the permissions to operate that file to run on your system. This is a very small problem which effects much of the users using Windows operating system.

Some might have been using the single user account, but even you'll be facing the same problem saying that your user account doesn't have all the permissions or rights to run, So how to deal with such problem? 

When ever you want a critical windows application which changes the registers data or any such we have to use an option as "Run As Administrator". You can find this option by the following steps:

1. Right click on the application or a program and you can find an option as "Run as Administrators". Click on it.

2. Now a window will be opened as a Windows user account click OK over that window and continue with your using the Application or a program.

By doing this you give all your Windows user control for the software to install onto your disk perfectly. You won't get any problems while installation in this method. This is a recommended method by the computer technicians for a proper installation of the software which user needs to run.

What is and what does "Run as administrator" do ?

         This is a security log for the Windows OS called as the "User Account Control" or UAC. User gets a pop up saying that whether is it ok to run a program or not for a purpose of secure desktop permission. When you feel that it is ok to run then go for "Yes" to run the software in your disk. 

So here come's my point, When your perfect in operating your system and know what to install and what not to you can use this option to completely disable this pop up when user does this "Run as administrator". Check this below picture.

The option will be as always notify, just change it to never notify if you are confident to do anything in your system, i.e you know about each and every software which your installing. Then you can surely go for this option and click "OK" and go ahead with your "Run as administrator".

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