Aug 6, 2010

Solution for "Different SIM detected, Please connect to iTunes"

You might be facing this problem from yesterday as some additional files are been loaded as soon as you unlock you iPhone. So for this no need of dev team, We no need to disturb them. When this problem had occurred in 2008 the solution was to hard to understand for may and this problem had even faced by the Blacksn0w by RC2. You no need to get panic any solution doesn't works with this problem, till now I have tried for nearly 20 times rebooting and all crap. The solution goes like this download iFunbox from the below link:

Now connect your iPhone and you go to this folder /private/var/root/Library/

Here you can find the lockdown folder just delete the folder without any hesitation.

Now download this patched Lockdown folder ( DOWNLOAD )

Extract the lockdown zip to desktop and just drag the patched ones to /private/var/root/Library/

Now don't made any mistake, Just right away without installing/ inserting the sim card reboot the device. then after completely rebooting wait for few moments and insert your unofficial carrier. You must be having, STart commenting if needed ill give picture discription.
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