Aug 27, 2010

Technology to masses, but in a meaningful manner by Pranav Mistry

Technology? But why?

This was the first question, we also had in our mind. It is true that technology is transforming various aspects of our life all over the world. And it seems that masses of India are not going to be
excluded from the benevolence of this so called ‘Technology’. From the government to huge corporations, everyone wants to computerize all the villages in the country. Think technology and a
virtual computer is right there in front of you.

But is technology all about software and computers? Does putting a computer in every village in a country mean that all the problems of people are solved? Also is technology adoption going to be only
by people from villages? Why are we excluding the masses from the cities from benefiting from technology adoption? Why is it that despite millions being poured into efforts to bring information and
communication technology to the rural India, we haven’t achieved any success? Are there factors, other than accessibility, illiteracy, awareness, and economical solutions as experts list? These are a few of the points that we would like to explore in this article. The article also covers a proposal for a mechanism/framework to help solve this problem and the roles of the various stakeholders in this effort.


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