Aug 2, 2010

Twitter Reaches 20 Billion Tweets

Its a great news announced by twitter saying that it had reached the 20 Billion tweets now. Twitter first launched in 2006, from then it started to grow it fame time-to-time. It had again made a news saying that it had crossed the 20 Billion tweets lately. It has been the best micro blogging. Does a person can convey a message in 140 words? Yes! twitter had proved it by its Micro-blogging site.

A graphic designer from Tokyo was responsible for the 20 billionth tweet, and his tweet now has the url 20000000000.

                                                      20000000000th Tweet 

In other Twitter news, the site has rolled out new features which should make it easier to find new people on the site to follow. But this feature is not there in many of them, Its going to come to users view in a short time.

Last month facebook had come on to news saying that it now has 500 million users, And now twitter is on news with its 20 Billion tweets. 
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