Aug 4, 2010

Unlocking the Source Code for JailbreakMe

JailbreakMe was a simplest tool among all the jailbreaks which have been made by many people. It was really surprising to see a browser based jailbreak, I expected to use a tool like as before where we connect iPhone to the system and enter into DFU mode of RESTORE mode. Many of the new jailbreakers were having a lot of confusion between these two modes which can be cleared by watching video's or tutorials. So my point is that to foremost say a congrats or a appreciatable words to Comex, Planet Being and other dev team members who ever have created this tool. I have many doubts for which the tool they have released, they might be of negative or positive statements. Most probably they have released a browser based tool because of this iBootrom which is making lot of trouble to make the jailbreak unsuccessful, So they have released a browser based tool where we can jailbreak without the using of all those confusions and handling charging wires. And the other reason might be that every one is getting to know theit exploits which they have used to jailbreak and unlock this might be the another reason. I was pretty eager to have the tool but ended up with a browser based tool. I have obtained the source code for this jailbreakme, It looks like this(below): I can't post the entire code as it might be violating, So I provide some snapshots of the code.

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