Aug 8, 2010

Who to follow on twitter and People You May Know on facebook

facebook was having a feature as people you may know since from its start on. This feature was the best one, As I found many of my childhood friends and many other from this feature. There is another feature called as "Pages you may like" this is also the same one kind of the People you may know. 

This features explores you through the people you might know or interested in, As far in twitter we have lately got this feature included into profiles known as "Who to follow". 

This feature wan't available in twitter before. Now this had hit the twitter and most of the followers are following most of them. At last twitter had made a good feature added on to the user profiles. This feature is the best one to grow their network if they are new to twitter or facebook. Most of them might not notice this feature as they neglect, But this made my usage simple in growing network on facebook and twitter.
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