Sep 3, 2010

AMD developing eight-core Bulldozer-based CPU for 2011 release

AMD’s new chip architecture, dubbed Bulldozer, is being highly anticipated next year as the company prepares to match Intel’s forthcoming Sandy Bridge processors. Included in AMD’s plans, according to Fudzilla, is an eight-core CPU that will be aimed at the server market, but that will no doubt be of interest to performance desktop buyers as well.
The new 32nm design promises to confuse the very notion of cores, however, with AMD referring to the chip’s building blocks as modules. Each module will feature a pair of 128-bit floating point units and share L1 cache and other resources — essentially allowing a module to function as a dual-core unit while making the overall chip more efficient. AMD can place four modules on the code-named Orochi chip to provide an octa-core design — which is a different approach than, say, Mac Pros pulling together a pair of quad-core Intel processors.

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