Sep 27, 2010

Intel Unveils New Mobile Processor Pricing

Intel has unveiled new updates to its pricing list for mobile processors and includes two Core i5 mobile chips for laptops: the i5-580M and the i5-560M. The 2.66Hz i5-580M (3M L2 cache, two cores, four threads) is priced at $266, while the i5-560M (same clock speed) is priced at $225.

Intel have alos listed ultralow power (indicated by the UM) chips typically go in ultrathin laptops and even tablets. Core 1.33GHz i5-560UM (3M L2 cache, two cores, four threads, 32-nanometer), costing $250. Together with : Core i7 chips–Intel’s high-end series of processors–also got updated. The 2.8GHz i7-640M (4M L2 cache, two cores, four threads) is priced at $346.

Intel’s 2.8GHz i7-640M chip is priced at $346. Other processors include the 2.26GHz Core i7-660LM and 1.46GHz i7-680UM which will be priced at $346 and $317 respectively. Intels Celeron has also been updated with the P4600 and T3500, costing $86 and $80 respectively.


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