Sep 16, 2010

Microsoft Metro mouse leaks with blue laser for $20

A new Microsoft mouse has surfaced on Russian website TheVista ahead of any sort of official announcement. Called the Metro Mouse, it will be part of Microsoft's blue laser-based BlueTrack mouse line. Also, at a projected retail price of $20, it would be the cheapest in the range, below even the $30 Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. The mouse is ambidextrous, like others in the range.

Blue lasers let mice work better on unusual surfaces that aren't usually ideally suited, such as desks or mouse pads. Whether it will be available in colors other than pink remains to be seen. The leak shows that the mouse will be available in March.

Its name is unusual as it borrows the same codename that Microsoft uses for the highly stylized interfaces of the Zune HD and Windows Phone 7.

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