Sep 20, 2010

Newton OS Running On iPhone

If you are a fan of Apple retro gear then this little mod running the old Newton OS on and iPhone 3G will brighten up your day.The Open Einstein project is actually an emulator that allows you to run the Newton OS on other operating systems.

As a fan of EINSTEIN I would love to try this project my self, Here is a video of Einstein currently runs on: MacOS X (ppc and x86, 32 and 64 bits), iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS, Linux (with X11), Windows, ARM-Linux PDAs: 


Einstein Platform is a way to transform a computer in a next-generation Newton N2 (MP2x00, eMate 300). Einstein is a project to unchain NewtonOS from existing hardware. NewtonOS ROM is copyright by Apple Computer, Inc and licensors. 

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