Sep 21, 2010

Optimize Your Windows PC for Better Gaming!

Can’t afford to grab a PC optimized for gaming? Then dabble with this newly released app that will allow you to optimize your Windows PC for gaming to make it less susceptible to your gaming needs. Use your one system to surf the web, listen to music, and play any game endless amounts of games.
No one will say you can’t be a hardcore gamer on your home PC with this app. Your computer will be able to run applications much faster, open up your browser window and surf the net a lot quicker, and play games without the headache of having your PC freeze on you.

Why Tune for Gaming?

As time progresses and new games reel out of the big software development companies labs they often arrive to your PC with the need of more system resources, thus requiring you to turn off most of the applications running in your OS’s background so that they can run smoothly.

What Can I Squeeze out of Game Booster?

Game Booster will help in not only the optimization of your PC for gaming, but it will also aid in running any CPU abusing application you decide to launch. Although this app frees your computer from staggered applications and slothy PC tools it uses very little processing power. This enables you to run it whenever you’d like without compromising vast amounts of CPU usage.
This app works much like the Windows Task manager but the difference is it makes every task twice as easy and allows you to free up space with the click of a few buttons.
optimize your pc for gaming
When you switch to gaming mode Game Booster administers a quick analysis of unnecessary background apps that may be running and quickly gives you the option to immediately stop them with the click of a button.
If you’re running the Windows Vista Aero theme Game Booster will place it inactive and switch you to a faster theme since this one takes up a lot of CPU.
game booster software

The Choice

I must admit, at first I was pretty skeptical about this app, however, after using it and viewing live successful results I have to say that I will be an avid user of this app for quite some time. An area of which Game Booster could possibly improve upon would be by offering the option to turn off common apps that are run all the time such as iTunes. At the moment there is no way to edit the list of processes Games Booster will choose to suspend, however in the near future and further revisions we hope to find this feature available.

My suggestion would be to try a few other apps to free RAM on your PC, and then make a decision as to which app will free up space on your PC exclusively.
Also keep in mind that using Game Booster with the hope that your PC starts playing games that it wouldn’t even launch before is not a smart approach. I’d rather recommend using it on games that load fine but lag a bit. You might also want to check out a previously mentioned tool called CanYouRunIt that tells you if your computer can run a particular game.
Source: Makeuseof


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