Oct 26, 2010

825 megabits per second over 400 meters of copper lines

Data speed increases much faster than before with the new technology through the copper wire. One of the major limiting factors is that many networks still rely on copper wire rather than the superior fiber optics cabling. The networks therefore have to choose when to make the very expensive upgrade to fiber optic, and where those upgrades should happen first. First of all thanks for the new technology which has increased the current data transfer rate. Right now the current data transfer rate is nearly 2-50MBps, But in India we have a very less limit i.r 3MBps is the max I guess so! But our PC's have the capability of 100MBps data transfer, we might expect it in the near future. While you may think fiber optic would be required for that, Nokia Siemens Networks has managed to employ phantom circuits to boost data-carrying capacity over copper wire to as much as 825Mbps over short distances of around 400 meters.

Nokia Siemens Networks has successfully tested a technology that could drastically increase the data carrying capacity of standard copper wires. The company achieved data transmission speeds of 825 megabits per second (Mbps) over 400 meters of bonded copper lines and 750 Mbps over 500 meters. At these speeds, network operators could optimize existing, widely deployed copper infrastructure to provide bandwidth-intensive services for years to come.

“Laying down new optical fiber to the home remains costly, though it is capable of delivering very high speeds and is a definite solution for long-term bandwidth requirements,” said Eduard Scheitere

All of these technologies are variations of the same theme (bonding multiple lines with noise reduction), and before consumers stuck with a telco foisting aging copper on them, there's a number of caveats. Much of this tech is still in the lab, is still several years away from serious production, and may not work very well over the country's long loop lengths of aging copper anyway. Lets hope for it to come earlier as possible. View your comments on this topic.

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