Oct 14, 2010

Airtel India to launch 3G services shortly

 Now, no need of waiting for pages to open, here come's the 3G services from Airtel. BSNL was the first to launch this service now Airtel will launch it shorty for the customers, be ready to hold the speed. This is much faster than what your browsing now. With this 3G service you can view HD video's, play HD games, Video callings, Connect to the internet, With superfast page loading times and you can even download them with much faster speed compared to the network which is now present. 

Lets look about what 3G is ?

3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. It comes with enhancements over previous wireless technologies, like high-speed transmission, advanced multimedia access and global roaming. 3G is mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks in order to make voice and video calls, to download and upload data and to surf the net.

3G has the following enhancements over 2.5G and previous networks:
  • Several times higher data speed;
  • Enhanced audio and video streaming;
  • Video-conferencing support;
  • Web and WAP browsing at higher speeds;
  • IPTV (TV through the Internet) support. 
The transfer rate for 3G networks is between 128 and 144 kbps (kilobits per second) for devices that are moving fast and 384 kbps for slow ones(like for pedestrians). For fixed wireless LANs, the speed goes beyond 2 Mbps.
3G is a set of technologies and standards that include W-CDMA, WLAN and cellular radio, among others.

So what are you waiting for, Be the first one's to experience the 3G service @Airtel 

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