Oct 10, 2010

Casio Prizm graphing calculator with high-res color screen

Students the world over have asked the question “why does my calculator look like something my parents used?” Casio have answered that question with PRIZM. It's smooth lines and vibrant color LCD are similar to smart phones, mp3 players and other handheld device students use every day. Dare to compare PRIZM to competitive products and you'll see exactly what we mean.

 From the inventors of the often imitated “Natural Textbook Display”, Casio proudly introduce a new innovation - “Graphical” Natural Display. 

Power-saving LCD module reduces the energy consumption of the backlight to approximately half of the power required by conventional models. a 3.7-inch, OVER 82,000 PIXELS 384 X 216. It even include USB connectivity, 16MB of flash memory, and a promised 140 hours of battery life.
So what are you waiting for, Get hands on it.


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