Oct 2, 2010

DROIDZ-10 by Aurora Engineering College

A great oppurtunity for all the Tech folks out there, "Aurora Engineering College-Bhongir" is conducting a Tech event, they call it as the "DROIDZ-10" (8th and 9th October 2010). 

"What is DROIDZ and how it is related ?"  
Droid - (From "android") The robots of the Star Wars universe. While androids look somewhat like human, Star Wars' droids are typically fashioned in the likeness of their creators or in a utilitarian design that stresses function over appearance. Droids are equipped with artificial intelligence, though some are naturally created smarter than others depending on the function they are designed to serve.

Aurora's are giving prizes worth Rs.1.5 Lakh for those who Wins in the Technical events. Every event has a cash prize. So what are you waiting for the look at some of the review of the events below:

DEATH VALLEY - "Can your robot survive any terrain???"
Design a robot that can travel over a wide range of terrains, which include sand, gravel, grease, inclined planes, speed breakers and many more. For more details on this event CLICK HERE.

ROBO RAGE - 'Who’s the strongest??? Who’s the smartest???'
Design a robot that can push, flip or do whatever it can to get your opponent off the arena. You think just the designs are going to fetch you the prize??? Play on the arena. Though you’re weak you might still manage to outsmart the muscle man. For more details on this even CLICK HERE.

FIFA might be over, but the fever is hard to overcome. Make your robots play a game of soccer. The team that makes the maximum number of goals wins the match. For more details CLICK HERE.

Its time your robots drifted, performed burnouts and raced against another. So are you ready to buckle on the seat belts n hit the throttle??? Make your robots race against each other. The team with the fastest robot wins the game. CLICK HERE  for more info.

Do you wish to show off your design skills??? Are you underestimated by the general robotic events and wish to do much more??. Are your designs perfect but face technical problems during events???
Put any robot that you have designed up for display and explain your designs to the general public. The robot that is most appreciated bags the prize.  This is something different from all other's. If you think that you stand out in comparison to other's in designing a bot then this is for 'YOU'. CLICK FOR more info.

There are even other interesting events such as:

PAPER PRESENTATIONS - Topics related to any branch (Mech, ECE, EEE, IT, CSE) can be submitted before 5th of October.

Workshop on AERO-MODELING - CLICK HERE for more info.

So what are you waiting for , Ready your robots to bag the prizes.
More information needed then CLICK HERE for the contact details

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