Oct 28, 2010

Evolutionary communication, Telecommunication

Telephone now a days have become a modern Gadget for every one in this world. It makes a lot of difference for everyone in this modern world, Everyone will have their own story how are they dependent on their mobiles these days. But where as in the past it was not same as now, when we think of to communicate a person who is thousands of miles away it take just 1sec to communicate whereas in the past it used to take weeks or even months to do that before the telephone was invented. The development of the modern gadgets such as iPhone's, tablets, and many such gadgets are an evolution of this phone which was invented before 100 years. The purpose of telephone started as a communication between two people and had now landed to communicate every person on this earth no matter where ever the person is! There are many people who have worked for many years to make it possible, I mean to say to make our life easier. Now we celebrate the 346 years of telecommunication. Kudos for all those people. Look at the picture below for a vast information of Telecommunication.


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