Oct 12, 2010

Good-bye Windows, Enterprise Linux is Taking Off

The Linux Foundation says Linux is poised for significant growth in the enterprise, some of it at the expense of Windows servers. 76.4% of companies surveyed are planning to add more Linux servers in the next twelve months. 41.2% are increasing their Windows servers, while 43.6% will decrease or stay the same. Over the next five years 79.4% of businesses surveyed plan to add more Linux servers compared to other operating systems, while only 21.3% plan to add more Windows servers. 

Migrations from Windows to Linux are accelerating, surpassing Unix to Linux migrations, and 66% of Linux deployments are "green field", or brand-new. This is one of the more interesting findings; in the past both Linux and Windows have been replacing Unix servers, and past reports from other sources indicated that Unix to Linux migrations outnumbered Windows to Linux. Over 60% of respondents say they are increasing their use of Linux for mission-critical tasks.


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