Oct 8, 2010

Greenpois0n is a next gen tool by Chronic Dev Team

Here come's a great news back with the GreenPois0n. Chronic Dev Team has announced the new iDevice jailbreak code-named Greenpois0n, They are going to release this Sunday 10/10/10 at 10:10:10am GMT.

The even bigger news is that according to the team, Greenpois0n is a next generation tool that will make iDevices jailbroken forever. The team states that this new tool will be able to keep Apple from reversing the jailbreak on a permanent basis .

They say that this tool will permanently Jailbreak the iDevices, Apple would surely have noticed this "permanent" so lets wait for the further details of the tool after the release.

Greenpois0n is able to hacktivate your phone which is important for people who don’t have official iPhone SIM card to activate.Greenpois0n is untethered jailbreak so your device does not require you to reboot with a jailbreak for all fourth-gen iOS devices. (MuscleNerd has confirmed it) 

 So lets wait for the Sunday to be a funday, Lets cross the fingers and wait for the tool to be release. Let us put a hand on it...

Update: Sad news that GreenPois0n has been delayed

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