Oct 29, 2010

High aims to reach 10nm Technology.

You might have checked a previous blog mentioning about the Intel advancing towards 22nm technology, But here comes the news of 10nm technology reaching before it. We all know that Intel stands first in manufacturing chips fast as possible and after, Samsung and Toshiba which stand along with the top companies in making of chips. These companies have united and heading the technology to a new generation i.e the 10nm technology for the next generation of CPU's and flash chips which would be in their hands by 2016.

The above picture is a NAND flash memory chip based on 30nm technology, 1/3 of this would be the 10nm technology chip

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will likely provide around 5 billion yen ($61.21 million) of the roughly 10 billion yen in initial funds for the R&D efforts, with the rest expected to come from the members of the consortium, the paper said.

Toshiba and Samsung have decided to develop the 10nm technology NAND flash memory and Intel will join the hands to make the fastest processors. Ten more companies are expected to be invited for this technology development after everything gets settle down with the final decisions. This would be a great achievement either, heading to a advanced future faster. Lets hope for the better results.

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