Oct 30, 2010

Internet timeline explained using a flowchart

Who on this earth doesn't knows what is an Internet, might be there are! But a average age of 12 years kids might have heard or know the word internet. And a 18 years aged young people will explain almost everything on net, taking this to a part there are even people who doesn't seem to know what Internet is? It remains as a question still. A person who is handy on net can do everything today using Internet. There is not even one thing that we cannot do using Internet, from banking to housing everything can be done by just sittting at home. Just a few clicks and your work gets easier as possible. You can search a job, communicate with various people, study,  you can make many research papers and entertainment is always in your hands after the internet arrived. We just need one thing out of everything that's having a secure use of internet.


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