Oct 28, 2010

No more Passwords,New software brings facial recognition technology to mobile phones,

 Everyone has a problem of remembering the passwords, if it was one account password to remember it would be a easy task but if there are many accounts then ? So here comes the solution for it, Scientists at The University of Manchester researched and developed a software for mobiles which can actually recognize your face features in real-time. The real fun with this software is that, this software not only functions as a recognition tool but even can find out who the user is and displays the feeling of the user. This software has many advantages over the passwords which we are using to log into any internet account such as email,social networking and online banking, so this helps out in saving the time. its the easiest way because every one has their own face and they don't need to forget their faces to log into any account.
'Existing mobile face trackers give only an approximate position and scale of the face,' said Dr Phil Tresadern, lead researcher on the project.
This is a real time software and tracks a number of landmarks on and around the face such as the eyes, nose mouth and jaw line, and they say that they are developing a voice recognition too. This can be used in a vast extent to have a man's life secure, much secure.

'At this stage, we're particularly interested in demonstrating uses for the face-tracking part of the technology, which is the area The University of Manchester is involved in,' said Dr Tresadern, who is based in Manchester's School of Cancer and Enabling Sciences.
A best example which I can give is the lenovo laptop and the Xbox 360 Kinect which are having a webcam mount on the devices for face recognition. The new software, built on 20 years of research at the University, has been demonstrated on a Nokia N900 for the EU-funded "Mobile Biometrics" (MoBio) project.
What I wonder is our face gets new marks, new scars each and every day and as we get older our face gets wrinkles so is this software capable of recognizing them at any certain times ? A 15 year old child's face varies with the same person at 50 years, So how well is this capable of recognizing. Comments on this topics folks, lets question the situation for a secure reason. 
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