Oct 5, 2010

Nokia N9 hardware is perfect! but MeeGo isn't...!

 If anyone asks, Which is the best phone selling company? I would say it as Apple (iPhone). But before 3-4 years back it was Nokia who used to sell the mobiles much than Apple is selling now, because of its excellent hardware design and its user friendly operating system. Now its different for Nokia when compared to other mobile companies, And here come's Nokia again with its new design N9 with a MeeGo operating system.

In an early preview of the N9 by Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin (who has leaked early Nokia prototypes in the past), Mutazin describes the hardware of the N9 as “near perfect. When speaking about the N9’s MeeGo operating system though, Murtazin is decidedly less kind, describing it as “not so good” and a “work in progress.”

So N9 won't be out till the 2011, It still had to develop the MeeGo operating system. The other complanies even have time to develop their smartphone hardware designs and software. So let's wait for it.....


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