Oct 13, 2010


Yes! GeoHotz official movie trailer. I believe GeoHot is good at coding and very specific about his work. I have a little research on him after his first jailbreak in 2007. The youngest one who have jailbreaked the iPhone, I mean who had own the honor of jailbreaking. He had done a pretty good job I can say. He had collected information on how to mod the hardware, from where to insert the code and run his coding on the iPhone and had done it. He had released nearly 4 tools for jailbreak and unlock as far as now,  purplera1n, blackra1n, blacksn0w and now the limera1n. There are many ppl hanging on him but I do believe he is good at few things, Apart from this he's good at playing Piano. So GeoHot has a little bigger fans in the iPhone JB.

So for this the out comes are the GeoHot MOVIE, take a look at the trailer below... 

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