Oct 11, 2010

TDK reveals 1TB optical disc at CEATEC


Technology has come a long way since the introduction of the floppy disk that was introduced in the mid 1970′s with mb’s of storage. At CEATEC this week TDK have just unveiled their latest creation the 1TB or 1000GB optical disk.The new TDK 1TB optical disk is the same diameter as a standard Blu-ray disc, but with 16 layers, storing 32GB per side of each layer : 32 layers each storing 32GB = 1TB of data.

Now 200GB looks tiny compared to TDK’s new 1TB entry. It’s the same diameter as a typical Blu-ray disc, but has 16 layers capable of storing 32GB per side of each layer. That’s effectively 32 layers each capable of storing 32GB allowing for 1TB of data.
 Due to all those layers the disc is quite thick, though. At nearly 3x the thickness of a Blu-ray disc it currently causes an issue with the optical lens.


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