Oct 21, 2010

Top Tech News for Today (21/10/2010 IST)

Sales Boom Looms for iPad and Other Tablets:
Apple's iPad is driving tablet sales that Gartner expects to reach 208 million by 2014, fueled by strong demand outside the U.S. Gartner expects tablets to cannibalize sales of e-readers, gaming devices, and netbooks. Smartphones could also be affected as tablets become more like phones. One analyst disagrees, and called Gartner a "sensationalist." READ MORE

Homeland Security and Spy Agency To Join Forces:
The United States is stepping up its military-civilian cyberdefense coordination to help the country guard against the growing threat of cyberattacks against government and private computer networks. Government and private networks are increasingly under attack by hackers and other cybercriminals. The plan will include privacy oversight.  READ MORE

 Mozilla Taps a New Chief from SAP:
Mozilla's next CEO will be Gary Kovacs, who is currently chief of mobile products at SAP. Kovacs will replace John Lilly, who will join venture capital firm Greylock Partners. Kovacs joins Mozilla at a time when its flagship product, the open-source web browser Firefox, faces growing competition from Chrome, as well as Safari and Internet Explorer. READ MORE

Apple Unveils iLife 11 and Slimmest MacBook Air:
  Apple will include its new iLife 11 with new Macs, including the new MacBook Air that CEO Steve Jobs introduced. Jobs also announced FaceTime for the Mac and said Mac OS X Lion will ship next year. Apple's iLife 11 includes new iPhoto features, easier iMovie editing, and new features in GarageBand. A Mac app store is also planned to open soon. READ MORE..

New York City, Microsoft Partner for Cloud Computing:

More efficient cloud computing is coming to New York City under a partnership with Microsoft. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg expects the agreement with Microsoft will save an estimated $50 million over the next five years and make information sharing easier. New York will use Microsoft's Windows Azure and its new Office 365 environment. READ MORE

Report: Hackers Steal South Korean Defense Documents

outh Korean officials say hackers from China stole classified defense documents. The suspected hacking occurred when South Korean officials handling foreign and security affairs opened e-mails disguised as having been sent by government officials, but which contained hacking programs that can be activated when the e-mails are opened.  READ MORE 

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