Oct 15, 2010

Waveform displayed on a Android Oscilloscope

The device which  you can see in the above picture us an Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope. Its base module driven by a Digital signal Controller for signal processing. When the signal is processed, a module named LMX9838 broadcasts the data to the phone so a waveform is displayed on the deivce. When you port Python code used over a set of Java and XML files you can get the device to run on Android. As you can see in the picture and the video below, you can find a waveform visual stimulation. 

Now you can just simulate your circuit if you have a set of A-D converter, dsPIC and a bluetooth.

It was too painful on my side, because I had to convert a single script file to multiple java + xml source files! Nonetheless, it was a good experience for me on learning the Android SDK (JAVA programming).

Check out the video below:

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