Nov 15, 2010

Firefox, Chrome, safari, Epic and now comes the RockMelt.

Inventors of the Netscape web browser had introduced another browser that they claim will revolutionize web browsing. Marc Andreessen worked on a new browser called RockMelt. The browser is said to consolidate all the social networking sites and status updates.

RockMelt does more than just navigate Web pages. It makes it easy for you to do the things you do every single day on the Web: share and keep up with your friends, stay up-to-date on news and information, and search. And of course, RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web.  


Single browser open and you can do many things with it. It'll just rock you. It seriously had melted me. The use of it is just awesome. It would be a hard task for a newbie to get everything handy but surely you'll love it when you understand it, even I'm new to it but took time for me to get with it. So even you'll love it. Try installing and use it. 

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