Nov 25, 2010

Hack your facebook chat. Surf+Chat now made easy.

Chatting in facebook is a little problem where everyone faces,
1. You cannot chat and browse your web simultaneously.
2. Chat doesn't load fastly.
3. Pop-out chat cannot sync with your work.

So these three problems you face with this facebook chat, So here I came up with a small trick you can do with your facebook chat to sync with your work.

1. Log into your account and go online and pop-out the chat, And there you can find the link as shown in the below picture. Copy that link.

2. Now paste that in the browser and bookmark it.


3. Now go to that saved bookmark and go to the properties of it, as in the picture below.


4. Now check mark "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" and save it.


5. Your done with the trick click on the Bookmark facebook chat to open the chat in the sidebar. Your view looks like this.


You can surf and chat simultaneously.

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