Nov 1, 2010

Now play all video files on iPhone using the VLC

iPhone which I think the master of all phones which are now available in the market. It really satisfy a human tendancy of using all-in-one kind of mobile appliances in a single device. I really use my iPhone in a vast way from texting to mailing, shooting a video to editing and uploading it on net. To simply say it made my life simpler. Its really awesome to hear music all time from iPhone, it is a retreatment point for entertainment. After the release of iPhone I started watching movies in my iDevice itself which I download. But it was a realy pain for me to convert each and everytime the video I needed to watch. It used to take 30 or more minutes for me to convert a movie, It was a bit waste of time I used to think. Now it is even made simpler with the launch of VLC application for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. its pretty simple to use either. Look at the steps below, how to install and use it:

1. Its a free application that you get it in istore, and for jailbreaked iPhones even you can find it in cydia.

2. Sync it with iPhone applications, now you'll find VLC installed after the completion of sync.

3. Then keep your iDevice connected and click on the device and Apps bar, there you can find as VLC completely below. Click on it and add video's.

4. Now your iDevice contains the video's which are ready to be watched by you. For better understanding I have given pictures where you can get a clear idea of it.

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