Nov 28, 2010

Retrieve your lost smartphone, ANTI-THEFT for mobile.

Now a days mobile phones have become common everywhere. Where ever you go you need your mobile in your hands to make your work simple, Then how if it is lost. You need to spend much time to get it back via a police complaint, it nearly takes 2-4 months to get it back as a friend of mine had lost a Nokia N-series mobile and got back it in 3 months. But what about 3 months a waste of time. Here I found a simple way to make your mobile secure in few steps for Symbian mobiles, Windows Mobiles and Android mobiles.

You no need to have a doubt thats its free, Yes its absolutely FREE

How does it work?
1. You can lock your phone remotely using this software when installed on your mobile.
2. Locate your mobile at which place it is after stolen or lost.
3. Remotely delete all the data if you don't want any to see your valuable data if needed.
4. Get information about the new SIM which is kept in your lost mobile.

Key features
• Remote Lock, Locate and Wipe
• Theft Control
• Local Lock
• Easy to upgrade with additional security features
• Easy to use

How to Secure and Locate your phone in case of loss or theft ?
You can lock, locate or wipe your phone remotely with a SMS message. Remember to define your codes to the antitheft settings before using commands. If the SIM is changed, the thief’s number is automatically reported to you.

Remote lock: #LOCK#
Remote locate #LOCATE#
Remote wipe: #WIPE#

So lets get it installed in our smartphones for security:

Download to phone

To download F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile directly to your phone, visit using your phone’s web browser. Click "Download Antitheft" and download the software.

1. Open your phone's browser
2. Surf to:
3. Press "download Antitheft"
4. Download  the software

Download to PC

Download F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile to your computer and transfer it to your phone using USB or Bluetooth connection. Use this method also if you are unsure if your phone model is supported. 
Click the below download link to choose which model is your mobile and download the preferred software:

Get text message
Receive a download link as a text message directly to your phone!
Click the below link to activate the above service for your mobile for which your installing the software:


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