Nov 13, 2010

SPB Mobile Shell Next generation user interface for Windows mobiles

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device. With this mobile shell you can view everything smarter. Lets look at its features:


Cool widgets to customize your Home screen
* Photo contacts
* Picture frame
* Media player
* Weather
* Internet search
* Facebook and Twitter status
* Wireless switches
* Phone profile
* Appointments and tasks
* ... and many others



Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration
* Widget-based photo contacts
* Facebook integration
* Photo call log
* Smart contact search
* 3D favorite contacts carousel
* Ringtone management
* Category filter

Fast access to all your smartphone features
* Pinned shortcuts
* 3D email and SMS viewer
* Recently used programs
* Finger friendly task manager
* 3x3 phone style menu

SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools
* Weather forecasts
* Current weather
* Agenda view
* World time
* Wireless switches
* Profiles
* Internet search
* Facebook and Twitter status

Spb Mobile Shell supports only Windows Mobile 5.0 or later Pocket PC devices. Devices without a touch screen (Windows Mobile for Smartphone) and older platforms such as Pocket PC 2003 are not supported. Spb Mobile Shell will not install on such devices.
Also during installation Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 requires some additional space in the main storage of the device, so installation can fail if there is not enough storage available. If it happens, try the following:
  1. Free some space in the main storage (delete big files, clean file cache of Internet browsers)
  2. Install from a storage card instead of desktop. To do so, copy the Spb Mobile Shell CAB file to a device storage card and launch it on the device using File Explorer.

DOWNLOAD SPB HERE for your Windows mobile.
The above Download file is a .cab file. Search on for google to learn how to install it.
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