Dec 4, 2010

Computer hackers arrested by Chinese Officials

Nearly 460 computer hackers were arrested this year by the Chinese official authorities (The Ministry of Public Security) , have solved 180 cases of computer crimes and had shutdown about 14 such websites providing tools for hacking which provides computer hacking information. These websites were generating around £650,000 a year with more than 12,000 subscribers.
The statement said Chinese hackers were seeking "private gain" from their actions, such as draining bank accounts. It said reports of hacking incidents to the authorities had risen by 80 per cent a year "in recent years".

“Currently the situation regarding counterattacks in China is still extremely grim, and hacking attacks domestically are still widespread,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement came after American diplomatic cables, released by the Wikileaks website, suggested that China had ordered a hacking attack on Google, the search engine, in December 2009.

China has a huge network of hackers, known in Chinese as "heike" or "black guests", and experts believe a significant proportion of them are trained by the government-affiliated bodies.

A real Hacker does not make crime or encourage crime because, We know what can we do with hacking, but limit ourself to know "How things work and make them work better than they work". People are losing the values of ethics and placing themselves into some other world, it is not what it is. People are fearing to use things online on the fear of hacking, where they would fit in this modern world if this hacking continues to be a crime. And ultimate fear causes to break down the work of hackers, where it might lead to the stop of development. Hackers are ment to hack but follow ethics before something goes wrong.

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