Dec 19, 2010

Computer problems due to viruses

Viruses are most common these days. When you just visit some website or download any software they can just easily enter your memory. Or when you transfer data from friends with out the scan of USB they just enter without your notice. These virus files eats your RAM process, CPU process and memory( A whole lot of wastage).

Some viruses get active after they start the OS and some virus boot with the system boot itself. So we have a problem with these huge viruses on disk creating a unsecured data for our private information. Some viruses can even make your system to infinite reboot option. Ultimately everyone goes for formatting their drive, but that's not my way of solution. We need to have our data back so there is no option of formatting so better use this software called Hieren's software to do that for you.

So let us go to protect your system from viruses and make it secure. Use a good anti-virus, our Demon's Tech lab uses Avast and its the best so far having a boot scan to detect the viruses and delete it at the point of booting. So go for the avast which is freeware. Make sure your downloading the software from a good website and downloading files should not contain virus(if even they have Avast can detect it and stop downloading). So try out avast, there is a boot scan in it where you can scan while booting. regular scans can make your system work properly.

The above picture describes how can a virus enter your devices.

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