Dec 13, 2010

DELL's new look, very little changes in logo.

DELL has a very successful market in sales of Laptops, Desktops, Monitors, Servers, Storage, Printers and Computer. Dell Inc said today it has a deal to buy the data storage company Compellent Technologies Inc for USD 884 million. So we might have seen its logo for past many years, now DELL had a new look for their logo with a very minor changes in it

Dell worked with a font type to tailor a typeface, Museo, specifically for the logo. It had re-sized the vertical height to the letter 'E' and encircled their logo as you can see in the picture. The changes can be seen in the picture as the behind with pink color is the old logo design and blue border is the new change in the design with a tag line as "Power to do more", I personally feel that tag line was a worth of placing it below their logo.

The brand redesign was not intended to be a radical revolution, but rather a practical evolution based on our established equities and alignment to the repositioning of our brand.
— Tommy Lynn, Dell Creative Director, Brand
How do you feel about the new logo, comment a few words about it.

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