Dec 9, 2010

Hacking knowledge being misused

The Pakistan government has reportedly formed a high-level investigation team to check the hacking of several government websites done by the ‘Indian Cyber Army’ called the Indishell. According to the Dawn, the team headed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Additional Director has collected data from National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) to trace the hackers. ICA had hacked back Pakistan's government and regular websites after some series of hackings done by some Pakistan hackers for fun. ICA leaves a message on the hacked websites saying your website is hacked because of some people from Pakistan hacked so its a revenge, time to take back. ICA had defaced nearly 400 websites count according to the ICA where they produced the list of hacked websites here. 

 And still the series of hacking is still going on saying CBI website hacked and many more such. And here comes the PCA, Pakistan Cyber Army saying that they would hack-back the Indian websites at higher scales.
PCA said it hacked CBI’s website just to respond to Indian hackers, who had hacked 36 Government websites( readmore)

Hacking into some websites isn't fun, it harms the admins and many expectations of people staying on net. It can lead to fear of people logging into networks. So please stop this and pray for peace. Please maintain ethical values not to hack into networks. Hacking knowledge being misused and for the reason of this the term hacking is being placed in the wrong meaning. 

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