Dec 29, 2010

If in 1994 your an UNIX programmer, would you join the group of Amazon after seing this Ad Job

Lets go back to the past once, to the year 1994. In 1994, a 30-year-old Jeff Bezos was looking for an extremely talented C/C++/Unix developers to help pioneer commerce on the Internet. To spread around his marketing and his company. That time the company was called as Abracadabra, not yet the Amazon. The needs and requirements are basic once where a person should have to enter into that course of job. Below is the screenshot of the Ad which was now archived in the Google groups. This advertisement was originally posted by by Jeff Bezos in August 1994 for a company then called Abracadabra and funded primarily by Bezos's parents' retirement funds, was to employ some of the first people at what would launch as a year later.

                        Coming to the ad you can see that Jeff was seeking for a highly talented person in programming rather than a normal programmer. If this case was for present where might this ad lead to, Lets expect your a C/C++/ Unix programmer and would you do this job after seeing this advertisement ?

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