Dec 13, 2010

Hacked: Increase your Internet speed

;Internet usage is very common and we rely on it everyday. So if the internet speed is low its a very problem for downloading data we need and surfing many websites at a time would be problematic, so I come with a working solution which had helped me increase my internet speed double for what I get which my provider gives me. I have observed my internet speed to be discrete at different time. Generally the provider gives more than the needed bandwidth such as if he gives us 512kbps then they would give us a bandwidth of 650-700kbps which gets drained due to following reasons.

The main basic problems are the wires and electrical noises:

If you have more wires and are placed in groups or any breakpoints such as compression of wires may cause the less speed in internet. And the other problem is the electrical noises, this is a very interesting and a little technical if your interested in reading then carry on reading or else you can move to next paragraph. electrical noises are a random electrical fluctuations of signals generally caused in the electrical devices, antennas, power lines etc(almost in all electrical devices we can call these noises as law of electrical devices). These electrical noises may vary from device to device and you can say its more for these modems and routers due to a regular data flow in it. When the cables lines have more junctions then more of the noise is present. For more about this electrical noises you can just Google it yourself.

I use modem and a router(wi-fi), so when I have moved these both from each other without knowing this concept my internet speed increased a little so I just noted this point and have made a final conclusion to move my modem and router apart from each other and these both a little far distance from my Cabinet and monitor( It look like the picture below after moving apart). I have checked it with after doing such shifting, I have observed my internet downloading speed increased from 50kbps to 70kbps which doesn't stays at a constant speed rate. 

Later I have used TCP optimizer, this is the best tool I use from the very first version of the release. This works for me and observed a little constant speed with a little increase in speed. But should be a little expert in the edits

Download TCP optimizer


After the whole set is put in order now I'm getting a great speed of about 80kbps which remains constant but goes down to 70kbps sometimes. But this had worked for me very well.

 Try this solution and comment your own experince. 

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