Dec 10, 2010

Kevin Mitnick's Buisness Card

You might wonder who is Kevin Mitnick if your not in the world of tech. But each and every person who is into technical must know him. I'm a huge fan Kevin Mitnick. Every hacker knows about him, there is no hacker who doesn't knows about him, if a hacker doesn't knows him you can seriously be out of it because World knows Kevin as a hacker,
but he's just a genius in reverse engineering, so called hacking. Learn about him by clicking this link. I found his business card online check out how does it look like its just awesome, Its not only a business card but also a break-out lock picking kit.This was taken during Kevin Mitnick's visit in Israel. Read more

If you want Kevin's business card, then perform the following steps:
Send your IP address and password {just kidding} to:
2564 Wigwam Parkway
Suite 116
Henderson, NV 89074

Please enclose $5 cash (no other form of payment is accepted) plus a self-addressed stamped envelope, otherwise you can attend one of my speaking engagements to obtain a free lock-pick business card. 

If you are located outside the USA, please include a prepaid self-addressed envelope (you can use FedEx, DHL, or UPS) and enclose either 5 dollars, Euros, or GBP, cash only, for each card.
Read more here

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