Dec 2, 2010

Microsoft to hit back the Apple TV and Google TV with Xbox 360 Television Service

You might have heard about the Apple TV and Google TV which had launched lately, now the time had come for Microsoft to put a step forward in this so called Television service. Yes, Microsoft is about to launch this telivision service in the near future. Recently about a few days ago in the month of November 2010 Microsoft launched their  Kinect for Xbox 360, So this is the same Xbox used to stream the Television. This service is some what like the "Virtual Cable Operator" charging a pretty amount on the services which Microsoft is to provide. You can even view all the other channels as of now which you might be using the cable or dish TV connections to watch the channels, in the same way the Microsoft TV functions giving you a more facilities of interactive sections such as messegaing your friends while watching your favorite channels through this Xbox, programming packages, sports and games for kids etc.

As of now you can see the ESPN on Xbox live online service, so we can call it an extention for the service. Lately in this year we have seen Apple TV which was a pretty success and Google instant TV wasn't so effective as the networks have blocked the service. Now Microsoft even had entered this field with this Microsoft TV. It is to be said that it would take more than 12 months for this service to come into existance.


So lets guess what would happen to Microsoft TV, Give your valuable comments on this.

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