Dec 4, 2010

Pornographers haunted by a Super Computer

Bad news for all the Pornographers, You are been haunted by a SuperComputer. Over one million processing hours on Jaguar, reaserchers at Oak Ridge Labs with a 1.8 Petaflop SuperComputer is back of people who takes porn videos and upload it to internet. "These Oak Ridge scientists are the good guys we've been waiting for. Their computers will become child rescue engines." That's PROTECT Director Grier Weeks quoted in an exciting new story about how PROTECT's work with Oak Ridge National Lab is advancing high-tech research into catching predators and rescuing children.

These researchers are haunting everyone who download the pron movies and pictures from file-sharing networks, But they are more concerned about those people who are producing the movies i.e uploading the files into network. Hiding from a computer is easy, but its very hard to keep hiding from a SuperComputer.

The lead investigator on the project at Oak Ridge, Robert Patton, has developed algorithms that analyse traffic, looking into the networks of people who are uploading and downloading. Your search items will be recognized by the SuperComputer, these searches are flagged and the algorith developed in the supercomputer gets every such information of the flagged IP addresses, gets each and every information about your queries and searches.

"This is real science, there's a real scientific challenge here," says Grier.


Coming to this Jaguar, this is a present SuperComputer in the world running at 1.75 petaflops/second which has put behind every such SuperComputers such as Cray XT5, Roadrunner etc. So expect how fact can in catch the child pornographers information.


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