Dec 30, 2010

Send free SMS anywhere, Unlimited

There are many websites which offer you with sending SMS anywhere with only a limit asking for credits. Here are some best websites which work 100% by sending a SMS using internet free of cost.

                                  Send free SMS to any mobile in India and no registration is required.You can send messages of 99 characters in length.

                              Send free SMS anywhere worldwide without any registration. You can send message of 158 Character in length.

                             With this you can send free SMS but you need to register to send an SMS. Character length upto 140.

4. 160BY2:
                               Need to register before sending an SMS. You can send 145 character SMS.

5. SMS7 :  
                     Registration need to send and SMS. Best thing is that you can send upto 440 characters long SMS. Isn't that cool.

                              Registration required, you can send upto 80 characters message.

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