Dec 4, 2010

Wilson Electronics info-graphed, How the World uses CellPhones.

Wilson Electronics, Inc. had shared info-graphic outlining the demographics of cellphone use with Mashable.

According to the infographic’s sources, there are nearly two cellphones for every one person living in the United Arab Emirates (1.95 to be exact) and Estonia (1.94). By comparison, there are .87 cellphones per person in the U.S. China has the greatest number of cellphones within its borders (640,000,000), followed by the U.S. (270,000,000).
 These people have made the information in a graphical way, This information is a little funny like "How many people have answered the phone call during sex" lol, this point look very funny. Many of them now a days are learning multi-tasking from the time mobiles came into use such as reading-texting, eating-texting, many such things can be considered almost every one know about these things. Check out the picture for the info-graphical view.

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