Dec 19, 2010

Windows Crash due to Hardware Conflicts


The first reason why Windows crashes is due to hardware conflict. This problem occurs when there is a improper installation of hardware, so we need to remove it and insert again i.e re-install it. 

Example, when two hardware adapter cards on the motherboard attempt to use same hardware settings they get clashed up. these happen as each device communicates with the other through Interrupt Request Channel (IRQ), they are different for different devices. so we have to troubleshoot it or sometime reinstall the last hardware we have met problem with. 
When ever your finding problems with your devices i.e any hardware or no proper functioning, just open up your device manager. Its the best way to have a recover or remove or add any changes in your hardware. As every device or new hardware inserting onto your motherboard need device drivers to function. Sometimes the hardware itself has a inbuilt capacity to install drivers, orelse we need to do it manually. Some times you can find the drivers in internet to install it. 


                                           These drivers get malfunctioned sometimes when any harmful software is installed on your operatin system also. It need not be only due to hardware. So installing some effective software can also cause a loss of drivers, we should again restore the drivers if you know the procedure how to restrore from the last point of back up of OS or else we have to again format the system and re-install everything. SO becarefull with the software which you haven't experienced or if you never had a feed back of it.



Drivers are very important for the fuctioning of hardware so make sure if they are working in the Device Manager tool in Windows.

Becarefull of harmful softwares.

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