Dec 19, 2010

Windows crash due to RAM problems

RAM(Random Access Memory) problem, where you end with a blue screen of death with a message saying Fatal Exception Error. A Fatal error means a hardware problem. This is an error almost everyone faces once in a while time of using their computer if not maintained properly. This blue screen of death (BSoD) is a very problematic ones, it just kills your time and unsaved items. This problem is due to RAM which ultimately leads you to change your RAM sometimes but not always.


 I can help you to troubleshoot it. 

1. Technically speaking there is lot to do, but I come with a simple solution just open your cabinet remove the RAM and clean the slots with a brush, then clean the RAM & insert it 

2. And start your PC( Be careful while cleaning don't get into another problem of breaking some pins as they are very small and carefully made out of gold coatings, Use a smooth cleaning brush). 

3. Now use some registry cleaner to clean everything for you. 

4. TIP: the best I can say is to use some RAM scrub software. The magic in RAM is that free RAM is always a wastage of your RAM( This point is a little technically advanced topic which most of the computer architecture can understand this point). RAM always runs at a slow speed when used in extent gets crashed up.

                                  You can find this problem even in Windows Vista and Windows 7 as a black screen of death.

 There might be a BSoD problem due to Graphic cards even, when you do not install the hardware properly or if there is any dust in the gaps where the gold plates sit there will be such problems so we need to check whether its clean or not. 

1. If its not clean it as the above method. Then place it carefully and start your system. 

2. Now delete almost every software which is related to the Graphic card and clean your registry by using some good registry cleaner.

3. Now restart your system and then re-install the Graphic card drivers again 

4. And then restart it to make sure all the hardware is working properly.

Then the problem will be solved.

(Go for the below method if you have a technical knowledge)
If you have a little knowledge in BIOS settings then prefer this method to have a extent use of the RAM, go to BIOS settings and increase the wait state of the RAM. BY making this we can increase the stability of the RAM and we can use it to an extreme level. When ever you see a BSoD don't just ignore that, because it can cause you a serious problem later.

Using the above methods can increase the capacity of RAM and reduce the chances of Blue screen of death (BSoD).

So just clean ur RAM, use some good registry cleaner and use RAM scrub software.

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